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Grenada Report January 2010

11th January were began the first School of Christ in the nation of Grenada consisting of twelve students; Pastor, Bishop, Apostle, Youth Leaders etc. These twelve students were strategically chosen by God to be the first fruit of their nation. They were key leaders.
During the sessions students would testify this is what Grenada have been waiting for, this is what Grenada needs. These past three weeks have been a week of cleansing, purging and restoring. In the prayer meetings, you can hear the wind of the Holy Ghost blow upon the hearts of these students as God dealt with everything in their life that's not of him, and reconstructed the foundation of the truth, that they must not just know the truth, but they must become the truth.
These twelve disciples' lives have been transformed. On our return to Trinidad we called some of the students for a report after the School of Christ. We got the report that the Pastors got together on national television and conducted an interview talking about their experience at the School of Christ International. They wanted the nation to know of their experience and by their testimonies calls are coming in from all across the island, Pastors and church leaders wanting to experience and be a part of this great work God is doing in this end time.
Revival is presently taking place in Grenada, thanks to the School of Christ and the mercies of God. Hearts are turning back to Christ. The harvest is truly ripe. On April 5th to 20th 2010, are the schedule dates for the next session. On the 25th April to 30th April, 2010, we leave for Suriname (Gods willing) to graduate 34 students that are presently going through a SOC pilot school, thanks to Pastor and Sister Zebeda.
Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you.
Thank you for your support.
Rodney and Benecia Jaggernauth
School of Christ International - Trinidad and Tobago


My thinking was enriched through the clarity in defining and interpreting accurate truths which encourages me to make changes in my mindset and to remain committed to my vocation. It made me aware of the areas where alterations to the pattern and mould of my lifestyle have to be made. What I have learnt here has definitely penetrated my life to make attitudinal changes in my actions as a servant of God in humility and meekness. John 13:17

In a nutshell, what I have learnt for the past few weeks is to submit to the Trinity Godhead and the scriptures will transform my life into the conformity of Christ, that when I proclaim the good news gospel, people will not see me but Christ. Finally, my instructor, Pastor B. H. Clendennen taught with great passion and conviction that really convicted me through the Holy Spirit of the urgency to make radical change towards winning souls and building the kingdoms of God.

Thomas Simon
Grenada January 2010

Thanks to God for School of Christ.
My life has been revolutionized by the deep and powerful teachings from the word of God.
I have seen God in a way that I have never seen him before, hence I am challenged to follow in his steps.
Thanks to God!

Genneta Felix
Grenada January 2010

My decision to attend the School of Christ International. Inaugural school in Grenada is by far the greatest experience I have had in my twenty years of serving the Lord. I wanted to get intimate with God, that I bear his trust only. For the first time in my life looking into a mirror, the word brought me horror. I saw the wilderness of my own heart and the sight was unbearable, such much needed to change so quickly. The word of God showed me what God thought about me and it was not pretty. Confronted with the truth I knew, but needed to live. Thank God the outcome was great.

I got pregnant. The word I heard germinated. Life has begun. I must find a place to give birth. At home, streets, church, anywhere. School of Christ has shown me by Gods word, how to fight and defend spiritual life, how to pray life into people, set them free by the spirit. How much needs to be done and how short the time is. The dead sin must hear the message of eternal life, must see the demonstration of the risen Christ in me.

The truth that Christ lives in me, that means I have all I need to accomplish what Christ has appointed me to do. That revolutionized my life. I will never go back to lukewarm living again. I am alive. Christ lives in me and he's alive forever more, all that he is I am. That's what give me power to bring life to others.

The Lord has sent you and my life will never be the same. I will eat the word, follow the cloud.
Thanks for obeying, thanks for coming.

God bless you
Ruth Roberts
Grenada - January 2010

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